Some thoughts on tolerance…


The majority of our society is constantly calling for tolerance. Personally I’m not sure  that unbridled tolerance is wise or to be sought after.

If I am called to be tolerant to all groups, then must/should I show tolerance to those who get their kick out of lighting bushfires to watch the blaze? Why not be tolerant of the jealous person who, deeply emotionally disturbed and jealous, murders his/her partner’s lover? Why not be tolerant, and understanding of, the alcohol/drug affected driver who runs his/her car into a group of young people? What about the drag queen who tries to influence the children of straight parents, who desire to bring their family up in a Judeo-Christian way? Why are we not tolerant of people who circumcise their female children? Are we not judging them, and being intolerant, by calling it ‘genital mutilation’?

Maybe there is a standard which is acceptable and above human law or personal opinion. Maybe not everyone should be free to decide on their own standards.

Our governments in the West and in the majority of nations have shown themselves incompetent to lead their people in right ways. In the call for tolerance and maybe largely at the insistence of fringe groups, they are legislating against historically established standards of morality and social structure and custom.

Are there males and females? Yes, and they are as determined by XX or XY chromosomes and by external appearances. If their chromosomes are XY and the genitals are out they are males; if they have chromosomal XX and the genitals are inwards, they are females. There are a very small percentage of genital and physical abnormalities which are a trial to the individuals and to those with whom they are close and involved. They must be respected, treated with love and tolerance, but they are not the normal pattern of life. 

Sex and gender have historically had the same basic meaning. There have been characteristics described as male or female and I doubt if there has ever been anyone with either only male or only female characteristics. The balance of these make us what we are. Maybe with time, learning, experience and even choice we can modify our character. This does not modify either our sex or our gender.

What are the stages of human life? It is pretty well settled in most people’s thinking; conception, embryo, foetus, newborn, toddler, child, pre, pubertal & post pubertal, adulthood, old age, after life. Why are we asked to tolerate murder at the extremes and deny the last stage, which if real (and there is evidence to say it is) is the largest part?

What has been known for years as wrong is now lifted up as the ‘to-be-accepted and tolerated’ norm. I am neither convinced nor personally prepared to accept such what I call un-informed, immoral rubbish!

Dominic Cartier

2 thoughts on “Some thoughts on tolerance…

    1. There is a balance but in some subjects intolerance seems terrible – eg because of skin colour. In some issues tolerance seems bad to me – eg for such things as murder – even if on occasions there are some extenuating, even if not excusing, circumstances

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