Christmas is here!

We have a new Ethiopian restaurant in town. It’s owners have a different religion and don’t recognize Christmas. They believe in an historical Jesus but not in the Christ which Christ-mas celebrates. So a passing thought that I had of hiring a table and inviting a few friends there after Christmas Day church service to celebrate together came to nothing.

Christmas is for children. I was reading the other day where someone said Christmas doesn’t mean much to the writer any more since the kids left and ‘it’ is really for kids. Really? Do you want to talk to your kids about virgin births? Do you want to discuss with them the concept of the Infinite God causing a young virgin to have a child, so that, He can become the perfect sacrifice for the sins of the whole world? Do you think they will be unable to understand the concept of the Incarnation?

And, at any rate, as a society, we’ve gone beyond believing those mythological concepts and it really is just a good excuse for a holiday. Besides if we allow carols and manger scenes, we might offend someone else of a different religion. Isn’t the aim of tolerance to make it so that I must not present my way as the truth. Since, all our opinions are of equal value and we must seek to avoid issues which cause contention?

Well, speaking for myself, I believe that the birth of Jesus, His Incarnation, is a keystone in history! When we acknowledge that history is a record of HIS-story. It is a time for kids and present giving – because God gave the first big present – His son to live among us. Here is something that even the youngest is able to learn – To say ‘Thankyou!” Also, there are things that stretch the wisest and most informed minds as we wrestle with the ‘reality’ of a world, of which, we can not see all. I love the carols, the Bible Readings, the celebration, the Joy. From my point of view ‘bring it on’ – I know that I need to hear the story again, kids need to hear the story frequently and the world definitely needs to hear the story. If we want to give up anything about Christmas, try replacing commercialization with the real story of that night and, in its place, centre on the baby. The real centre of Christmas who is being drowned out by the ‘hoo-haa’. The ‘hoo-haa’ which is meant to be an acceptable substitute for the real cause that there is in the season for us to celebrate.


Dominic Cartier.

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