A doctor going to the doctor.

I guess that anyone with expertise in a certain area unconsciously, or maybe consciously, wonders how they would have handled what they’re looking at or what they would have said when they are listening to a talk on a subject about which they know a fair bit. the other day, I as a lay preacher, was talking to two ministers who had been in the audience where I had just preached. One of them said that he had wondered how he would have handled the topic. And he may well have done it better but was too gracious to say so!

I was a specialist surgeon and the GP before whom I was sitting was one of my interns years ago. I wonder how he felt! When I see him, before speaking he often asks what I think, not because he’s not in charge but in deference to our past. And obviously he knows that as hard as I try not to self diagnose I have already thought about what is going on. And I know that he doesn’t want to take our conversation to all the possibilities as to what the diagnosis may be, or to where investigations and treatment may lead us. I felt sorry for him as he (we) worked on a plan as where we would go to sort things out.

I wondered what I would have said and what he was going to say, as I knew that he and I were thinking parallel thoughts. So, and I think he handled it well, he said ‘you know that is usually a significant symptom.’ Still there are exceptions!

Now to await the specialist visits and the test results!

Dominic Cartier

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