Learning from Proverbs.

My wife is a hoarder. This doesn’t help when you live in a smallish house and are trying to downsize, but today she lay several old papers in front of me. One of them was a list of Ethiopian proverbs. I’ve a bit of interest in proverbs at the moment as in another blog I’m writing daily posts alternating roughly weekly between the book of Proverbs and the book of Luke from the Bible. It is under another name and the title of the blog is ‘As i read it! – Plainly understanding the Bible’. You can just use the following link – http://as-i-read-it.com

After the hyena has gone, the dog barks’. The interpretation of a proverb is meant to be pretty clear but leaves a little room for different opinions. Here I think it means that you are gutless if you stay silent when danger is near. What do you think?

Adult Black Pug
Not sure about this!

‘Don’t catch a leopard by the tail, but if you do – don’t let go.‘ as concerned with leopards this is good advice. It is isn’t going to be easy for a leopard to get at you if you hanging on to its tail for grim life. Better not to have touched it at all. And I translate it to mean in life that you’re not advised to challenge a problem issue until you are prepared to chase it to the end. And it may be a very uncomfortable time. Avoid it – unless you are are sure that you want to challenge this person or issue. Again I ask, what do you think?

‘One who plants grapes by the roadside and one who marries a pretty wife share the same problem!’ Grapes are tasty but planted by the roadside are going to be tempting to every passer-by. You’re going to place you wife in the eyes of the public and her looks make her as tasty as grapes. I don’t think that the advice is to marry ‘ugly’, but to earn her faithfulness.

Enough for one day.

Dominic Cartier

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