A small taste of what will be a bigger post one day…

standard thyroid 512As I understand, the world record for the weight of a thyroid is 13Kg. This example maybe slightly more than a Kg which still weighs much more than the normal about 20Gm.

I previously wrote about an interesting case in A sad but interesting case. Being very mountainous there was a high incidence of goitre which unlike the reported PNG experience did not respond to simpler medical regimes and often required surgery. We used to list the common indications to consider surgery as

  1.  difficulty in breathing or swallowing
  2. enlargement into the chest
  3. Proven or Suspected malignancy
  4. controlled hyperthyroidism (over action)
  5. cosmetic.

The marks on the neck are from the application of national herbal medicine. It didn’t seem to help.

After 300 such procedures I wrote a paper. There was a 15% incidence of small malignancies in the very large glands. But we’ll leave more for another day!

malig thyroidThis small thyroid in a young teenage boy proved to be malignant. The post grad student in the picture has become a famous surgeon.

Dominic Cartier.

A sad but interesting case.

morning sky 1We live in a beautiful world. Some times we wake up whether it be from a sleep or an anaesthetic and find that today something isn’t quite right. I guess that it is almost a daily experience for many at the moment as they awake to the restrictions of the coronavirus business with associated problems. Maybe the worst of which would be the death of a relative and realising that you are forbidden to mourn in public. The girl whom I am discussing now woke up from an anaesthetic, to face the realities of a very different life. Continue reading “A sad but interesting case.”