A son of whom to be proud…

I open my iPhone by facial recognition. My son can open my phone by looking at it, so you can understand that we look pretty much the same. In fact very much the same! His fingerprints are different and he is much more broadly talented than I am! I will list a few things which he does now around our place and hint at some of how these things have been acted out in the past.

He has set me up, me, who knew virtually nothing about IT so that I can blog and email etc. He was in charge of the IT equipment at Canberra University years ago, and still manages our church program for sending throughout the world, etc, etc.

He prepares the signs which we put out at the entrance of our small property to celebrate the seasons of the church.

He designs and builds sheds and fences to make us, hopefully, successful hobby sheep farmers. And in addition built a strong skillion onto our already present shed. He has organized an ngo to help build a trade college in Arba Minch where, for about two years, he taught English and instructed in other things.

This allows his youngest brother to work on our vehicles and the older helps out the younger with experiential knowledge and extra hands.

He constructs and repairs all sorts of things in wood and metal. He spent two years working on equipment around a hospital in Ethiopia and has done work overseas in war ravaged Congo and helped rebuild a school after an earthquake in Nepal.

He pastors a small church from which the messages are sent on internet around the world. He has been pastor of a church in Australia and pastored a church in Ethiopia.

He’s also a good cook.

Dominic Cartier.

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