Do you ever feel sorry for yourself?

To answer the question above, sometimes I do. My knees are giving me ‘hell’ today. I had my knee surgery a good few years ago and they were good for a while.

This was the first day the dressings were taken down. They healed well and I was able to be on a plane back to Ethiopia within a couple of months to help with the first group of year 4 medical students as they came into our hospital there.

They were good for a couple of years then something went wrong and although I am constantly reassured that it has nothing to do with the prostheses going bad, now every step hurts. So today I was feeling a bit sorry for myself. and decided to look at a few photos of those who really did have something to complain about.

I have chosen a handful from more than a hundred leg shots, and cut out the really nasty ones but you choose if you want to read on.

The first couple are of patients who came for help after they had been operated on at St Elsewhere.

A not quite perfect result.
Again not in quite the correct position.
Not the shapliest of ankles, but treatable at least to make them look considerably better.
Maybe best described as a Cassowary knee.
My heart bled over some of the things kids had to bear.
It was just a huge benign lipoma – relatively easily removed. He’d obvious had some previous abdominal surgery.
We had quite a few snake bites with massive tissue necrosis.

And so I could go on and on, but enough for most to stomach for one day. I come to the end of it feeling considerably less sorry for myself.

Dominic Cartier.

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